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Autumn Breeze was always a errant little sister and a real pain in the butt and had been pissing her brother off for years and he had managed to keep his frustration in check. Well, he managed until his 18 year old cunt of a sister took his cars without asking and wrecked it. But this time his sister had fucked him over for the last time. He was going to fuck his sister in a way that she had never dreamed could happen – he’d pimp his sister out in her first porno clip – and video the little cunt as his sister sucked erection and got her little coed snatch punished by an older man.

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Seriously, Autumns brother couldn’t take any longer – his little sister had always teased him by running around the dwelling undressed – or wearing nothing but sexy thong as she watched TV – or leaving the bathroom door open as she showered. Every chance she got, his sister was flashing her pointy little tits at him. The poor guy’s sister even sucked every erection at her brother’s last party – except his. And since he knew his sister was a slut – he figured she could suck erection in her first porno clip – he was right – his sister loves to suck erection.  Watch his sister deep-throat a monster hard erection on Bring Me Your Sister.

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My brother pisses me the fuck off – every time I do anything he think he can do it better. I live at his place and I do most of the fucking work around the house but my brother hates my Rottie and every time my puppy does something wrong, my brother is in my shit giving me a hard fucking time. Well, one day my puppy ate his couch and he was really pissed – it wasn’t the dog’s fault, my stupid brother never plays with him and he has a lot of energy – so when he ate my brother’s couch, I wasn’t surprised. And it was no surprised when my brother decided that it would be a good idea to make a smut video clip with me as retribution – he’s such a fucking pervert. In fact, I think my brother has always had a sister smut fantasy and this was his chance to see my massive round butt getting pounded.

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In fact, I’m pretty sure most brothers have secret fantasies about their sisters and filming them fucking must really turn the sick fuckers on. Add to it that they can make a few cash by pimping their sisters out, and you have the letter-perfect excuse for every brother that likes seeing his sister getting fucked. In my case, it actually turned me on to have my brother filming me but I’ll never tell him that. Knowing that he’ll watch my video clip over and over again gets my vagina wet just thinking about it. Maybe you should check out my first sister smut video clip and tell me what you think.. My First smut video clip – filmed by my brother….

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