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Last week my sister’s fucking twat ate my lizard – now I know what you’re thinking but that’s not what I meant. You see, my stupid fucking sister has this stupid fucking cat that won’t stay the fuck out of my room. I had this letter-perfect terrarium and a really cool iguana lizard. Her cat got in the room and knocked the terrarium off the desk and the cat killed my iguana. My sister had no coin to pay for the lizard so I decided to pimp her lazy butt out to a guy that makes sister smut video clips. I called the guy and told him what my sister’s twat had done and asked him if he could help punish her for not watching her cat. He told me to bring the little cunt by his place later that evening and he would let me film he in my sister’s first smut video.

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My Sister

As soon as I got off work, I threw my sister in the ride and took her over to the guy’s flat. He invited us in and explained to my sister that she could earn the coin to pay for my iguana and e few2 extra dough for her – all she had to do was make a smut video clip with him. She was pissed – at first she wanted to kill me but my sister had no way of paying me back except by fucking. She finally accepted and was ready to fuck the old guy but then he told her that I would be filming them. She didn’t hunger for her brother filming her nude – let alone having sex but the little cunt had no choice. It was either pay for the lizard or get the fuck out of my flat. So there I was, filming my sister suck this guys cock…. It was fucking letter-perfect to see how embarrassed she was at first – but then my sister started enjoying riding his jumbo erection and it got a little weird again. My sister must have had half-a-dozen orgasms as she fucked in front of my camera. The little cunt kept moaning and fucking harder as I sat there and filmed her pink twat taking this guy’s jumbo erection. I never knew my sister was such a fucking little skank. Anyway, the guy said I did a letter-perfect job filming my sister in her first smut video clip and invited Cameron Dane back to make more smut if she wanted. He also told me I could download my sister’s first smut video at www.bringmeyoursister.com

Kaydence Sky Lets Her Brother Video Her Fucking

It’s not every day that a brother gets his little sister to make a smut video clip just weeks after she graduates high school but after Kaydence Skye pissed her brother off and he wanted a little vengeance. This little brother-sister porn thing all started when his cunt of a sister decided she wanted a new tattoo and figured if she fucked her brother’s tattoo artist, she could get him to do her ink. Well, that worked just superb until the little cunt decided she had what she wanted and quit spreading her teenager legs for her brother’s friend. The poor tattoo artist was so hurt by Ralph’s little sister when she quit fucking him that he wouldn’t finish her brother’s sleeve – and now it was going to cost her brother $600.00 to get  another tattoo artist to finish his ink. All because this little sister fucked her older brother over. Bring Me Your Sister and we’ll get you your payback.

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Of course Kaydence was a little hesitant to let her brother see her little teenager vagina let alone video her fucking – but she only graduated high school a few weeks before and had no bucks to pay her brother. Hell, only two weeks before she made this porno video clip with her brother, she was a cheerleader in high school and now she was making porno with her older brother. Everyone loves a teenager tramp – especially one that will let her brother video her fucking.

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Isis Starr Makes Her First Sister Porno

Skinny teenagers fuck up too and when the skinny young mom Isis Starr fucked her brother’s wheels up by letting her dog shit on the seat. Now we all know that it’s not cool to have shit on your wheels seat and her brother felt violated and wanted his payback. Not only did he have to replace the seat, he wanted to see his sister properly grudge fucked-fucked as payment for her sins. Isis had never even dreamed of being in a porno let alone having her own brother there watching her get fucked by a dirty old man.

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Isis and Her Brother Talk About Making A porno Video

In my opinion, Isis was a little too eager to be spreading her wet little pussy with her brother in the room but the cute teenage mom was soon sucking penis like she had been practicing at dwelling……  I’m not 100% sure but I got the impression that her brother knew full well what a excellent penis-sucker his sister is as his embarrassed little sister sucks penis to pay for ruining his wheels seats.

Sister Sucks Cock

Sister Sucks Cock

Isis’s brother was as keen on catching his sister sucking penis as he was on watching the throbbing penis split her petite little cunt as she slid down on the throbbing penis of the old man that runs Bring Me Your Sister. He imagined it was his own penis deep in his sisters pussy as she rode the fat penis of the old man but filming his sister fucking was probably as close as he would ever get to fucking his own sister so having his own copy of the clip so he could relive the sibling porno experience again and again was a monster bonus.

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Sibling films Sister Fucking In Her First porno Video

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I Trashed My Brother’s Signed Football Jersey

DivaDuz sisp teen petite interracial plts lbts booty bfc xxxp amateurOK, I admit it- I screwed up totally. I had a bunch of girlfriends over just kickin it and having a great time. The teenagers were all running around the abode half unclothed – Sally was running around in her briefs and had stolen my bra so I was topless. Honey and Jayda were in the back room watching one of my brother’s smut clips and I’m pretty sure the two little cunts were fingering each other’s pussies but every time I came in they just giggled and pulled the sheets of my brother’s bed up to hide their unclothed teen titties.

Anyway, we had ordered pizza and when the doorbell rang, I grabbed a shirt form my brother’s room and threw it on so the poor pizza boy didn’t semen in his shorts when I answered the door. As soon as he left, we all retreated back to my brother’s room to watch his smut and eat pizza. Well, someone told a bad joke and then someone else started throwing pepperoni from the pizza – it didn’t take long before we were all smeared on grease and sauce from the pizza.

When I looked back at the bed, Honey was spread-eagle on the bed Jayda and was licking her coochy as Honey giggled and squirmed. Sally looked at me and we stripped off our pizza stained clothes and crawled up on the bed with the two little cunts that were already fucking each other (the nerve of the cunts to start without us).

The next morning we all awoke in my brother’s bed to my brother’s angry shouts; “get the fuck out of my room and clean up this fuckin mess you little fuckin whores”. Then he saw the shirt that I had borrowed the night before – The fucker exploded! Apparently I had grabbed the football jersey he had gotten signed by his favorite linebacker when he was away at college – and I had been wearing it when the food fight ensued. It was a mess; it had a huge grease smear right across the shoulder and down across the signature, the ink from the signature was smeared and was hard to even read. My brother wanted to kill me.

DivaDuz ebony teen tits petite interracial xxx gnd sis bootyThe next evening when he got apartment from work, he told me to “get pretty” – “we’re going for a ride”. While at work, he had found a way form me to “pay him bask” for the jersey. 30 minutes later, we were in some old guy’s abode and I was being offered a few hundred coin to make a smut video with the nasty old bastard. My fucking brother was going to make me into a smut star to get his revenge. Actually, I was still a little horny from watching his smut the night before and was a bit excited to try it out – but it was a little weird when the guy offered to let my brother shoot it. He even gave my brother a copy a few days later. Bastard probably jerks off to it when I’m not at apartment. Anyway, he can’t bimbo about the jersey no more.

Diva Duz

P.S. I liked making the smut so much that I came back and worked for the old fucker again – am I errant or what?