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Part 2 of “dude, She’s Your Sister”

Josh figured if his dad could fuck his half-sister, he could make a porn staring his little sister…..  dude, that’s just wrong… and I fucking love the idea – but then again, I’m the sick old fucker that gets to fuck your little sister as you shoot it. Now guys, I like fucking teen cooch as much as the next guy so I put this add in the paper looking for brothers that are pissed off at their sisters, brothers that yearn for to see their little sisters grudge fucked-fucked, brothers that yearn for to watch as I fuck their sisters, and I even let then shoot me fucking their sisters. Then I put the sister porno video clips on the internet at  BringMeYourSister.com

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So when Josh showed up with his little sister Hannah, he had it in his mind that he was going to see his little sister getting fucked. In fact, I would even let him shoot his little sister fucking as long as he kept his little dick in his pants. dude, Hannah has one tight little cunt. I was amazed that she could take all my dick and even more amazed that the little cunt let me fuck her as hard as I did. His little sister kept whispering “harder, harder” as I hammered her tight little teen cooch. Her fucking brother had a hard-on the whole fucking time I was fucking his sister – sick bastard. I’m pretty sure he has already downloaded the entire DVD quality shoot from BringMeYourSister.com and is jerking off to it as I type this.

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My Little Sister’s Beaver

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My Little Sister’s Pussy

I always wondered what it would be like to see my little sister’s pussy spread being stuffed with fingers but I never thought I’d see my sister with her legs spread and a ft old man’s schlong stuffed deep inside it’s feminine warmth. That was until I saw the add in the paper: “Has your sister pissed you off, does she owe you cash and won’t pay you back? Make your sister porno star and get your retribution – www.bringmeyoursister.com“. And since my sister, Anistaija, owed me cash, I called first thing the next morning.

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My Sister’s coochie Filled With Cock

The guy at Bring Me Your Sister was real nice and explained to me that if he could fuck my little sister while I filmed it, he would pay off her debt. I then knew that I would be filming my little sister’s coochie as she got stuffed like a Christmas goose. The thought of my little sister’s shaved teenager coochie being hammered by a fat schlong was enough to make me crazy but when I was finally filming it – it was totally wild. bro, if you got a little sister that’s a cunt, you really need to make sure you pip her teenager ass out to the hottest amateur site on the internet: www.bringmeyoursister.com. I did and I’m still dreaming about my little sister’s pussy.

Kaydence Sky Sister Smut

Kaydence Sky had already done a smut video clip with her brother but some girls just don’t learn that fucking your brother over is a bad thing to do – especially if he has the number to the guys at Bring Me Your Sister. This was actually Kaydence’s second sister smut video clip and as in the first, the small redhead teenager with braces had pissed her brother off and he was more than ready to pimp his little sister out again – thing is – I think the little whore enjoyed it!In fact, from the smile on her face, I’m pretty damn sure the little cutie loved getting fucked on camera – even if it was her brother was doing the filming.

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Kaydence Skye Smiles At Her Brother

OK – relax, Kaydence didn’t fuck her brother but she did let her brother video her fucking the old bastard Richard Nailder from Bring Me Your Sister and he did keep the cash Richard paid him for his sister’s first-class little teenager beaver. But seriously, if the little bitch didn’t love fucking older men, why did she piss her brother off enough that he pimped her out again? If it’s not that, then maybe it’s that she likes the fact that her own brother is just inches away from her tight little teenager cunt with a camera – filming her having sex.

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Her Brother Filmed Her Fucking

Of course, if you yearn for to see the dirty old man peel back her underpants and expose her clean shaved teenager beaver, you’ll have to check out the entire video clip on Bring Me Your Sister.

My Nasty Redhead Sister

Red hair runs in the family and if you’ve ever known a redhead – we can be a pain in the ass – my redhead little sister is no exception. Don’t ever let your sister move into your dwelling because the only way you’ll ever get the rent is by pimping her ass out. At least I got to run the camera as she earned the coin to pay me for the rent.

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My Redhead Sister

In this sibling smut video, Kitty was a few months behind on the rent so her brother pimps her out to the old bastard that runs Bring Me Your Sister and shoots her short littl ass in her first smut video. The short amateur redhead takes to sucking and fucking like a fish takes to water and she soon has all the coin to pay her brother back – if your sister owes you coin – check out Bring Me Your Sister today

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Dude, I thought  your sister had a tight little cunt when I first fingered her muffy but damn bro, her puffy cooch is not only sexy as hell, it’s one tight little fucker. In fact, I bet you are wondering what it feels like to ram your cock seep in your own sisters pussy – but you’ll just have to trust me on this one – since it’s just not right for a brother to be fucking his own sister. That’s what you brought the little cum dumpster to me in the first place. You were all pissed off at her and you wanted to see her grudge fucked-fucked by an old fart so you drug the young harlot to me and said “bro – fuck my errant little sister”

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So that’s what I’m doing – fucking your little sister as you sit there and shoot me. Bet you always dreamed about filming your own little sister taking a immense fat cock deep in her puffy muffy – must be a real turn-on for a pervert like you. In fact, I’ll even let you have a copy of the clip so you can take it flat and watch me fucking your sister over and  over again. Of course, you might be smart and just bookmark this page so you can drop back in and see homemade clip of your on sister plus films that other guys made of their sisters.

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