Are You Really Gonna Pimp Me?

My brother’s a pecker-sucker. Sure I fucked my brother’s football jersey up but that gave him no right to pimp me out as revenge. But sure enough, without telling me, he took me to this old pasty white buddy’s house and told me I had to fuck the pasty old fucker or he would kick my ass. It’s bad enough fucking a guy over twice my age but fucking him while my brother filmed it was really fucking sick.

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Pimping My Little Sister

I don’t think my brother pimped me out as revenge – I think my brother really just wanted to see his sister unclad, with her legs spread and a massive pecker buried deep in his sister’s little beaver – sick fucker. In fact, I think he did it so he could return to BringMeYourSister.com and show the movie of his sister fucking to all his friends – what kind of loving brother would show vids of his sister taking a massive hard pecker in her tiny little beaver to his friends?

Filming My Sister

Filming My Sister

Well, my sick fucking brother would – not only did he film me fucking, he got plenty of closeups of my little beaver taking the old guy’s massive pecker. My brother must really be into “sister porn” for him to humiliate me like this. Of course, I don’t have to tell my brother that i kinda liked the guy’s pecker in me. In fact, I really enjoyed having him ram his pecker deep in my beaver as he played with my puffy clit. I almost forgot my brother was filming me as I had my first orgasm.

Fucking His Sister

Fucking His Sister

I didn’t tell my brother, but after all the excitement of having him film me in my first porno movie, I decided to do a few more hardcore fuck vids with the old guy at BringMeYourSister.com, He put these on his other sites for you to enjoy.  Of course, you can see the entire movie that my brother made of me by visiting BringMeYourSister.com and for a small time, you get full access to all the sites I’ve ever appeared on – see me sucking pecker, licking beaver, and playing with sex toys.

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Kaydence Skye Does Her Firts Smut With Gmp

Amateur smut model Kaydence Skye is more than a cute small redhead teen with braces and marvelous teen titties, she’s also one of the hottest new hard-bodied teen smut models that I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Kaydence did her first smut with GMP after her brother read an add I ran in the local paper. Seems the small teen cutie had pissed him off by fucking his tattoo artist – and then stopping – pissing her brother’s tattoo artist off so bad that he wouldn’t finish her brother’s ink. Her brother not only filmed me fucking his sister, he also caught me filling his sister’s tight little cunt with semen – the first time he had ever seen his sister making creampies! This tattooed teen in braces doesn’t learn very quickly – that or she likes screwing dirty old men  old enough to be her dad. I know this because the very next day her brother was hungering for to pimp her out again because she stole the coin that I had paid him for her first smut video and spent it on the Strip in Las Vegas. So Ralph was soon back at my place with his little sister. I fuck her again as her brother filmed it. This time I made sure her brother didn’t let her get his coin.  You can see the first of the two “brother shoots his sister” videos on Bring Me Your Sister

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Kaydence Skye

Kaydence Sky Lets Her Brother Film Her

Kaydence Sky Lets Her Brother video Her

Kaydence Skye Fucks PapaGMP

Kaydence Skye Fucks PapaGMP

Eighteen year old Kaydence Sky liked my monstrous meat so much that she called me the following week and asked if she could do a few more smut videos. Now trust me, Kaydence Skye has a marvelous teen ass, a tight little shaved teen honey pot,  marvelous natural rack, a hard cheer-leader body, braces and a few sexy tattoos so I jumped at the chance to set more smut of this sexy teen. As we were talking, she stated that only a month ago she was cheering her high school’s football team and one of the varsity cheerleaders – and now I was sliding my forty eight year old meat in her tight little shaved honey pot. This film will be on Glass Mannequin for your viewing pleasure – we also filmed a hot lesbian set staring Kaydence Skye and Thena Sky – and no, they aren’t sisters ;-)

Kaydence Skye's First Lesbian Experience

Kaydence Skye’s First lesbian Experience

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Violet Little Gets Pimped By Her Brother

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Violet Little watches as her brother pimps her to the older man

Nasty Violet Little just can’t manage not to break her brother’s stuff so she’s back at Bring Me Your Sister with her brother to do another sister porn clip so she can pay her brother the $1000 she owes him for breaking his computer. Since the short giant breasted Violet had let her brother film her fucking before, she was no stranger to having a sibling in the room as she fucked but she still wasn’t in the mood for a lot of bullshit, she just wanted to fuck and get her brother off her back. But like most teen nymphos, Violet liked the fucking part – maybe a little too much. I think she even liked fucking while her brother was watching – because she sure was a horny little skank. Members get to see Papa fill her shaved teen cooch with sperm “creampie” style as her brother vids it.

Her brother films her fucking

Her brother vids her fucking

In this clip, Violet gives Papa a sloppy blow job before making him lick her shaved teen cooch. He then fucks her while her brother watches. Watching Violet’s giant floppy titties bounce around as her brother watches is priceless. Pulling her briefs aside, Papa sets a giant load of hot sticky sperm deep in his sister’s cooch and he vids her getting a wet teen creampie.

Real Homemade Sex Scenes

I like to make video clips of teenage teenagers fucking – and I like to make them even more if I’m the old bastard fucking their tight teenage cunts. But that’s no way for Mister Richard to be talking – is it? Mister Richard has been a bad, bad, boy – maybe some sexy teenager cunt should spank his flabby old ass. Back to the subject of Mister Richard’s (my) homemade sex movies.

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real homemade sex movies

After I had made a few hundred homemade sex video clips, I thought I’d put a few of them on the web and share them with the friends of Mister Richard’s Neighborhood. You can see a ton of free homemade video clips on my site www.realhomemadesexmovies.com – of course, I can only afford to keep putting them there if you sign up for one of my hardcore sites.

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Richard Nailder Fucks Angel Cakes

That’s right – Richard Nailder fucked Angel Cakes in her very first smut film ever. Someone told me the hard-bodied teenager with the perky little rack and huge round booty  looked a lot like Brooklyn Nights and when I asked Angel she said she was her little sister – now go figure, Richard Nailder the “sister fucker“  fucked Brooklyn Nights little sister while their gay brother filmed it all – now that’s fucked up! But wait, it gets better…. The reason Jayden is pimping his sister out is because his sister fucked his boyfriend! Apparently her brother’s fuck buddy wasn’t as gay as he claimed to be because after getting a little of his sister’s muff, he decided he liked women better and no longer fucked her brother. Shit – now even I’m confused.

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Richard Nailder Fucks Angel Cakes

Regardless of who fucked his sister, he was pissed and wanted a little retribution and who better to make a sister pay for her transgressions that Richard Nailder? Bring Me Your Sister and I’ll fuck her for you has always been his motto so when it comes to fucking Angel Cakes, he was up to the task. To see Richard Nailder hammering the cute brunette teenager Angel Cakes in her first ever smut film check out Bring Me Your Sister today.