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I fucking got to shoot it! I mean, I got to shoot this old bastard fucking my sister’s shaved teenager pussy! My stupid little sister Shaye Baxter dropped my laptop and wrecked it but the little cunt had no way to pay me back. When I read the add in the paper, I knew what I was going to do – and unless the little cunt could pay me back some other way, she was going to fuck on camera for the first time – and lucky me was going to get to hold one of the camera’s. I’d never made sister porn before!

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Now I’m not sure if it’s normal for a brother to long for to watch his sister having sex – but for me, it was retaliation time! Filming my sister get fucked by an old guy was retaliation indeed – maybe if she pisses me off again, I’ll show the clip to her precious daddy! He would just fucking love that.

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Anyway, my little sister didn’t have much of a choice so she did let me shoot her fucking. It was a little weird at first watching this bro’s over-sized dick hammering her itty bitty teenager pussy but I did my job and held the camera. Before the shoot, I had no idea how cute my sister’s teenager pussy was. The little hussy has a sexy little fat teenager cunt and she even keeps it shaved real nice. I must say, I made some pretty hot sister smut that day.

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Some guy;s sister’s just can’t help but fuck things up – and Ricky’s sister is no exception. When Violet decided to play with her brother’s play-station without his permission, she probably didn’t plan on pulling milk can off the TV and wrecking it but WTF – the little cunt did wreck it and she had no fucking way to pay her brother back. short of fucking and letting him shoot it. In this real homemade sex movie, you get to watch a brother filming his sister fucking an older guy – as revenge!

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Lucky for me – I’m the older guy ;-)
See – I run an add in the local paper asking guys if their sister has ever pissed them off – and giving them a way to extract a bit of payback on the little sluts. You would be amazed at how many brothers jump at the chance to film their little sisters in their first smut movie.

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For some sister’s it’s a real punishment but I get the sneaky feeling that Violet got a bit turned on fucking me as her brother filmed her – sick little cunt! And fuck me she did! This short coed sure knew how to suck a guys cock! and that was just a start – soon she was taking my large boner deep in her itty bitty coed cunt – and I was fucking loving it!

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I Film My Sister Fucking CheyenneWinters brunette tits xxxp sisp gnd tattooed oldnyI really pissed my brother off when I trashed his guitar but for him to hire me out for a smut was a bit too much! It wouldn’t have been so bad fucking the old bastard on shoot but my perv for a brother had to stay while I was getting fucked – the little penis-sucker even filmed it.

My brother and I never really got along – he’s always telling on me, claiming I stole something from him or blaming me fore something I didn’t do. Well this time, I got caught red-handed! I was fucking around and I trashed his new guitar – he had a friend that can read (my brother’s a dumb fuck) and his friend saw some add in the paper for a way to exact a little retribution on your sister. Anyway, my brother’s friend talked him into dragging my butt over to this Papa guy’s house so I could earn a few coin to pay him back. That little fucker didn’t even tell me I was going to have to fuck the old guy!

When we got there, this old perv answered the door and explained to me how I was to earn the dough to pay for my brother’s guitar – I was supposed to fuck him as my brother filmed it. Now, my little brother is a fucking perv but where does he get off watching (and filming) his sister fuck? Fucking little prevert probably got off watching his little sister take that old man’s huge penis! The old man was nice enough – shit he should e – he got to stick his hard old penis in my tight coed beaver and fuck me till I shuddered and climaxed. He then shot a load of hot cum all over my belly – but not without shooting a good portion of his cum in my little coed beaver – the fucker called it a “coed creampie” and rubbed it in with his finger.

So I guess I’m a porno star now – LOL. Maybe I’ll go back and fuck the old bastard again – this time, with out my brother – after all, a sister has to have her fun too.

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As soon as her brother got hold of the camera you could tell that he wanted plenty of closeups of his sister’s naughty parts and most of all, closeups of his sister’s pussy. Lucky for us, we have no problem with a brother getting real close to his sister’s cunt and long as the sick fucker keeps his dick in his pants. Kirstoff managed to keep his dick in his pants but I sure as hell didn’t. As Kirstoff videos his sister for the first time, she pulled her little pink undies aside and I slowly slide my throbbing dick deep in her tight little cunt. I’m pretty sure her brother was enjoying this but to be honest – his sister’s cunt felt so good on my dick that I pretty much forgot that he was filming. I just wanted to fuck his sister harder and as long as his video clip making didn’t get in the way, I was fine with her brother filming us.

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