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Put Your Cock In My Sister's Mouth

Put Your erection In My Sister’s Mouth

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My Sweet Slutty Sister Stuffed With Cock

My Sweet Slutty Sister Stuffed With Cock

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My sister loves sex and I have to listen to her fucking all the time so when she broke my play-station and had no way to pay me back, I decided to shoot fucking so I could earn a few dough to get a new play-station. I had seen this add in the local paper looking for nasty sisters and I knew my little sister would do it because she’s such a little tart.  So I took her to this guys dwelling and he explained that he would pay for the play-station if she made a smut with him. She was down with the idea until he told her that I would be filming it. She wanted nothing to so with having her brother watch her fuck – let alone shoot her fucking but the little cunt had no choice – I wasn’t letting her off the hook till she paid me back and my sister had no way to earn bucks except with her hot little body.

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Now I’ve seen my sister undressed a lot of times but I’ve never seen my sister fucking and I wasn’t sure what to expect. Sure it had me a little nervous but I was a little excited too. I wasn’t sure I would be able to do a good job filming my sister in her first sister porno video but I did my best. The guy seamed like he was enjoying fucking my sister and she sure as hell made enough noise. The face she pulled as she had her first orgasm was fucking priceless. You can see the mischievous video I made of my little sister at www.bringmeyoursister.com – be sure to check out the part where Violet cums.

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I know it sounds strange but some girls actually let their brothers video them and the nasty coed blonde, Gracelynn Moans is one of those errant sisters. Of course, not every brother wants to get that close to his sister’s pussy but that wasn’t the case for Raymond. Raymond and Gracelynn showed up at my door with his sister in tow after she pawned his tools. Naturally he wanted them back and he was willing to make a smut vid with his sister to get the money she owed him. From the moment the guy at Bring Me Your Sister handed her brother camera he was right at abode – getting as close as possible to his sister’s fat pussy capturing some superlative camel-toe closeups for us to enjoy.

Gracelynn Moans Filmed By Her Brother

Gracelynn Moans Filmed By Her Brother

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I know I’m a sick bastard but I there is something about shaved sister muffin that turns me on and our latest shoot of Smokie Flame’s shaved little muffin is as hot as any of the video clips that brothers have made of their sisters coochies for the sick bastards at Bring Me Your Sister. In this sister porno shoot, the hot young mom Smokie Flame is letting her brother get within inches of his short redhead sisters shaved muffin as he shoots the massive dick of the older man Richard Nailder hammer her shaved muffin relentlessly.

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Shaved Sister Pussy

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I Pimped My Sister


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